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DVD and CD disks became a A part of our Life style, most of us have a substantial collection of flicks, audio CDs, pictures, online games, Place of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=토토사이트 work documents together with other disks. And it’s fairly often that you might want to produce a copy of that disks, for backup uses or simply to help make a handful of copies of the marriage online video for your folks. There are many packages that can duplicate your DVD films, but very few of those which can copy all of your disks, equally CD and DVD.

In this article we’ll examination a method identified as Clone My DVD, which promises copying any type of DVD and CD disks. “Clone My DVD – a universal DVD and CD copier” is exactly what we see on product’s Internet site, and we’d like to check could it be genuinely can duplicate any kind of disk?

Installation can take various seconds, This system is designed like a vintage move-by-move wizard, it seems to be slick and apparent. Pick out disk to repeat, it’s a DVD Motion picture now, and press “Subsequent” button to go even further. We’ve received two DVD drives on our check Laptop so This system asks do we want to copy directly from generate to generate? Certainly we do! Push “Up coming” again and it started to duplicate. By default it helps make 1 duplicate, however you can set variety of copies as you like.

Arrive once again, now by having an audio CD. Clone My DVD does The work perfectly, we’ve obtained exactly the same CD, no high quality loss in the least! We did the identical with a number of game CDs, CD with photos, MP3 new music DVD, An additional DVD movie, and yet another DVD Film. All attempts ended up successfull, no hassles.

Then we examined how it really works with an individual CD/DVD travel. Very first it copies from disk to Pc, then asks to insert a blank disk and writes a duplicate. It will require more time, but the result is usually perfect.

What we also noticed is Clone My DVD doesn’t reduce the quality of DVD movies and audio CDs, that is great. In reality, you get a true duplicate, the exact same as original. Clone My DVD is absolutely in a position to copy any CDs and DVDs, and it doesn’t make a difference what disk is in the push, you can get a suitable copy with Clone My DVD in any case. We succesfully copied about 10 disks, both CD and DVD, which contained online video, MP3 tunes, CD audio tracks, photographs, files, free of charge computer software together with other stuff. It effectively acknowledges various CDR/RW, DVDR/RW disks and double-layer DVD videos.

There is only one aspect missed in Clone My DVD. Regrettably it can't encode 9Gb double-layer DVD into the four.7Gb one layer, so those who’re trying to find this function will probably be pissed off. But anyway Clone My DVD remains one of the best copying software program we ever witnessed.


Free of charge trial Model helps you to copy up to a few full disks, the sole limitation is copying secured DVD movies, which is available only in entire Edition. Totally free obtain from



Clone My DVD is wonderful, it will make a replica of all DVD and CD disks, even People are area-shielded. You merely insert a disk, push number of buttons and acquire 먹튀검증업체 a carbon duplicate. It might duplicate to blank disk, make a number of copies If you'd like, and it permits to copy straight from generate to push. All these features are wrapped into an extremely obvious and simple nterface, not overloaded with a lot of buttons and menus. If you’re on the lookout for all-in-a person disk copier check out Clone My DVD, which is sort of a swiss knife – quick to deal with and common at the same time.

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